How are Dippin’ Dots made?

The story behind the creation of Dippin’ Dots might be amazing, but it is 100% real!

It was a hot day back in 1987 in Kentucky, U.S.A., when Curt Jones, a young microbiologist, decided to experiment with the homemade ice cream he was making for his friends. His knowledge on cryogenic freezing gave him an idea that hit him like a brain freeze in summer. If he could flash freeze the fresh ingredients of the ice cream, then it would retain its rich flavour as well as its nutritional value.

What followed was a blur of experiments, tinkering in the kitchen, and plenty of trial and error. A lot of ice cream was sacrificed along the way until the process was perfected, but the result was worth it: the tiny little frozen miracles were a reality!

Once Curt was confident that he had a winning concept on his hands, he quit his job as a microbiologist and started working on his new invention. He opened his first store in Kentucky and from there he started setting up little kiosks in every major theme park of North America.

And even though a lot has changed since the 80s, some things remain the same – like the memory of the very first bite of frozen dots just before they start melting in your mouth.